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Refinancing HDB Loan With HDB Bank Loan

You may have heard on public forums about refinancing your HDB loan with HDB bank loan. There is the HDB concessionary loan currently at the interest rate of 2.6%. And then there is the HDB market rate loan currently at 3.82%. The HDB concessionary loan is a very attractive home loan. No other lender can […]

Get A HDB Bank Loan To Purchase Your HDB Flat

Unable to get a HDB loan from HDB? You will have to get a HDB Bank Loan to purchase your HDB flat if you do not meet the following HDB loan eligibility criteria Buyer(s) is not a Singapore citizen Have a gross household income exceeding $8000 every month Have taken 2 or more HDB concessionary […]

Had Enough Of HDB Bank Loan Comparison?

Have you had enough of comparing HDB bank loans without understanding half of the jargon and terms? Let us explain everything to you in real and layman terms that you can better understand. Do you rather see this HDB bank loan checklist instead? Contact us to engage our free service to help you find a […]