Get A HDB Bank Loan To Purchase Your HDB Flat

Unable to get a HDB loan from HDB?

You will have to get a HDB Bank Loan to purchase your HDB flat if you do not meet the following HDB loan eligibility criteria

  • Buyer(s) is not a Singapore citizen
  • Have a gross household income exceeding $8000 every month
  • Have taken 2 or more HDB concessionary interest rate loans previously
  • Own any private residential property residential property(including HUDC flat/Executive Condominium) in overseas or Singapore
  • Have disposed off any private residential property(including HUDC flat/Executive Condominium) within 30 months before the date of application for HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) and have taken any HDB concessionary interest rate loan
  • Own more than one market/hawker stalls or commercial/industrial property in overseas or Singapore
  • You are buying a 5 room or smaller resale flat under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) Scheme with a gross monthly income exceeding $3,000

However, you can qualify for a HDB bank loan even if you:

  • Are a Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Own private property
  • Have a gross total monthly household income of more that $8000
  • Are not upgrading to a bigger HDB flat
  • Had enjoyed HDB concessionary rates in the past

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HDB bank loan calculator

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If you rather not engage our FREE service to you, keep these 3 important things in mind when you do apply for a HDB Bank loan.

1) HDB bank loan tenure. This is the full repayment schedule tabulated with a HDB bank loan calculator of how the HDB bank loan will run to completion.

These mortgages can run anywhere from 10 to 30 years. You can request for a preferred schedule, but only subject to the bank’s approval. Most people prefer to fully stretch out their repayment schedule so as to only having to pay a lower amount every month to service the mortgage loan. However do note that you will most likely incur more total interest charges when you do that. So if you have a huge bulk of cash in hand, do consider putting down a higher down payment for your HDB resale flat.

2) Interest rate structure.

Generally, there are 2 forms of mortgage loans. Fixed and floating. Fixed interest rates means that the interest rate remains the same throughout the tenure of the mortgage. Floating interest rates refer to housing loan rates that will follow an index (e.g SWAP rate + 0.5%). Floating interest rates can look attractive initially, but they can be very volatile because they fluctuate with an index. A common mortgage loan structure is a combination of both. Ask the banker to use a HDB bank loan calculator to illustrate to you the loan breakdown. So choose wisely according to what you can afford and comfortable with.

3) Closing costs.

Do ask and find out about the closing costs involved in the HDB bank loan offer you get. These costs can really affect your decision to take up the mortgage loan. Ask about valuation fees, legal fees, administrative fees, etc. Don’t pretend that you already know about them when you don’t… because it is your personal bank balance that is going to suffer. Question them and ask for subsidies. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

When you do your homework, a great knowledge on these 3 things alone can help you a lot especially when you don’t have any previous experience in buying a HDB flat. Finally, remember to make HDB bank loan comparison with at least a few a few banks. A small difference in terms can make a significant impact on your personal finance.